Nine Queens

Written and directed by Fabian Bielinsky
Starring Gaston Pauls and Ricardo Darin
Running Time 114 mins

Nine Queens is a smart, slick crime thriller telling the story of two con men who team up to pull the job of a lifetime. It was made by the Argentinian director Fabian Bielinsky. Bielinsky started to make films whilst still a high school student, after graduation he began studying psychology - a career he pursued only briefly before enrolling in the Centro de Experimentacion y Realizacion Cinematografica film school from which he graduated in 1983 with a short called La Espera.
He directed his first movie Nine Queens - original title Nueve Reinas - in 2000, and a second - El Aura - in 2005. Both films starred Ricardo Darin in the lead role.
In 2006 Bielinsky died suddenly from a heart attack
during the casting session for an advertisement at only 47 years of age.
Although he directed only one short and two feature films, his slim body of work was given excellent reviews worldwide. His movies straddle the mainstream and the arthouse with great narrative skill and excellent characterisation.
Nine Queens has many clever twists and turns and will keep you guessing till the very end...