Winter's Bone

Starring Jennifer Lawrence  and John Hawkes
Written by Deborah Granik and Anne Rosellini
Directed by Deborah Granik
Production year 2010
Running time 100 minutes

  This grungy, gritty, dark detective story is set among the community of the Ozark mountains in the central United States, one of the poorest and bleakest regions in America and a side of that country we very rarely see on film.
  Winter's Bone is based on the novel by Daniel Woodrell - one of a number of crime stories that he has written in a genre he has himself dubbed 'country noir'. It tells the story of Ree Dolly, the seventeen year old daughter in a dysfunctional family and her search for her father who has disappeared after being bailed on a charge of manufacturing meth-amphetemine. To find what has happened to him she must risk her life among the deprived, addicted and violent members of the local community.
  Jennifer Lawrence, one of the brightest talents in film acting today, first came to prominence in this film. Her playing of Ree is understated and powerful as she portrays her character's quiet determination to save her family home in a very hostile world.
 This intelligent, involving and emotionally resonant movie is one of the best independent American pictures for a long time - echoing the spirit and uncompromising drama of some of the best films of the 1970s like Deliverance, Fat City and The King Of Marvin Gardens. Winter's Bone won major prizes at The Deauville and Sundance festivals.