All That Jazz

Starring Roy Scheider, Jessica Lange and Anne Reinking
Written by Robert Alan Arthur and Bob Fosse
Directed by Bob Fosse
Production year 1979
Running time 123 minutes

  Bob Fosse was quite simply one of the most uniquely talented individuals ever to work in theatre and film. He was an actor, dancer, choreographer, screenwriter, film editor and director who won 8 Tony Awards and was nominated 4 times for an Academy Award - winning once for Cabaret. His stage productions include Sweet Charity and Chicago and he can be said to have re-invented choreography for the modern audience.

  All That Jazz is a semi-autobiographical work depicting the frenetic life and work of Joe Gideon; a chain-smoking, amphetamine- addicted and sex-obsessed director and choreographer who is simultaneously putting on a broadway show and editing a Hollywood movie. The script is based on Fosse's own experiences whilst launching Chicago on stage and completing Lenny, his 1974 biopic of Lenny Bruce starring Dustin Hoffman.

  All That Jazz is an intoxicating mixture of fantasy and reality with outstanding musical numbers and a turbo-charged performance by Roy Scheider. The production design and editing are dazzling and the cinematography, by Fellini's cameraman of choice Giuseppe Rotunno is breathtaking.