Starring Warren Beatty, Julie Christie and Goldie Hawn
Screenplay by Robert Towne and Warren Beatty
Directed by Hal Ashby
USA 1975
110 mins

Warren Beatty is perhaps the most extravagantly talented figure in contemporary American cinema - he has been nominated 14 times for an Academy Award - twice for producing, writing, directing and acting in the same film - the only person in history to achieve this. Beatty's recent career has been patchy and the movies infrequent but his influence and body of work is unlike any other in recent times. His romantic prowess is also legendary - with partners including Cher, Madonna, Joan Collins and his co-star in 'Shampoo' Julie Christie.

Beatty shares the screenplay credit for Shampoo with legendary writer Robert Towne, whose work includes 'Chinatown', 'The Last Detail' and 'Marathon Man'. The film is a biting satirical comedy set on election day 1968 - an election that Richard Nixon was destined to win - with all that followed...
Beatty plays George a Beverly Hills hairdresser whose many liaisons with his wealthy clientele make for an interesting if complicated life. George is ambitious  and wants his own salon and sets out to try and get bank rolled by Lester - the rich husband of his lover Felicia.

Hal Ashby's deft direction, a sharp script, music by Paul Simon and a handful of terrific performances make this an unmissable treat. Look out for the late great Carrie Fisher in an early role as a teenager on a mission.

"You ever listen to women talk, man? Do you? 'Cause I do, till it's running outta my ears! I mean I'm on my feet all day long listening to women talk and they only talk about one thing: how some guy fucked 'em over, that's all that's on their minds, that's all I ever hear about! Don't you know that?"