Starring Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, Mya Taylor and  Karren Karagulian
Screenplay by Sean S. Baker and Chris Bergoch
Directed by Sean Baker
USA 2015
88 mins

Making a movie used to take expensive equipment, a huge crew and the backing of a studio or other major financial institution. 'Tangerine', a mesmerising ultra-low-budget feature by Sean Baker, is proof that things have changed forever - the film was shot entirely using the iPhone 5S!

In spite of the modesty of its means of production 'Tangerine' is a technical tour-de-force -  visually dazzling with a gorgeous use of colour and and authentic sense of place.

The film is set on Christmas Eve around the streets and diners of Hollywood and follows two transgender sex workers  - Sin-Dee Rella and Alexandra - as they search for Sin-Dee's pimp boyfriend who has been cheating on her.

Baker cast two non-actors in the lead roles - a double act whose performances are energetic, refreshing and sharply truthful against the artificial backdrop of LA. Their rip-roaring odyssey through the sub cultures of Los Angeles takes us into parts of the city we have never seen before on a wild night of adventure.

Funny, moving and outrageous with an dynamite soundtrack to match  'Tangerine' was a big hit at the Sundance festival in 2016. Sean Baker has gone on to make a highly acclaimed follow up feature - 'The Florida Project' - soon to be released in cinemas. It is also set in the margins of society and like 'Tangerine' is not an earnest social document but an exuberant celebration of difference and independent spirit.