Special Screening: Napoleon

Written, produced and directed by Abel Gance
Starring Albert Dieudonné, Gina Manès,
Antonin Artaud and Edmond Van Daële
France 1927
332 mins

Napoléon is quite simply unique in film history. Made at a time when cinema was in its infancy, when the camera was usually static, editing slow and predictable and movies often little more than filmed plays this epic is bold and groundbreaking. 90 years later it still feels incredibly modern and daring. Lost for many years until Kevin Brownlow began his painstaking restoration and featuring a marvellous specially composed orchestral score by Carl Davis, Napoléon is a both a thrilling spectacle and a brilliant example of narrative cinema.

The longest picture we have ever screened in the history of the AFC !
Napoléon will begin at 2.30pm.
There will be 2 intervals - the first of 20 minutes and the second of 45 minutes.
The screening will end at around 9.0pm