Adam's Rib

Starring Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Judy Holliday and Tom Ewell
Written by Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin
Directed by George Cukor
USA 1949
101 mins

Our last movie - 'A Separation' - was the extraordinary, gruelling account of a disintegrating marriage and the court case caused by the breakup. 'Adam's Rib' also features a husband and wife in court but this time they are two lawyers representing opposite sides in a legal case.

When Doris Attinger (Judy Holliday) shoots her husband after apparently discovering him being unfaithful she is accused of attempted murder. Adam Bonner (Tracy) is assigned to prosecute her while Amanda Bonner (Hepburn) becomes her defence attorney. The two engage in a full on battle both inside and outside the courtroom.

This ageless romantic comedy was helmed by one of George Cukor - one of the all-time-great directors whose pictures include 'The Philadelphia Story', 'A Star Is Born' and 'My Fair Lady'.
The sparkling script  to 'Adam's Rib' was written by a married couple - Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin. Kanin wrote a number of successful Hepburn/Tracy vehicles and Ruth Gordon was a brilliant, uniquely quirky actress who made memorable appearances in later life in 'Rosemary's Baby' and 'Harold And Maude'.

The stars of 'Adam's Rib' - Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy - are one of the most celebrated partnerships of Hollywood's golden age. This was their sixth film together. The two were secret lovers for decades - never declaring their involvement publicly they were eventually parted by Tracy's early death in 1967.

As a result their on-screen chemistry is almost without parallel in cinema and a joy to behold.