Starring Paulina Garcia, Sergio Hernández
Written by Sebastián Lelio and Gonzalo Maza
Directed by Sebastián Lelio
Chile/Spain 2013
110 mins

This year's foreign language Oscar went to 'A Fantastic Woman' - the tale of a transgender woman and her struggle with the authorities and the family of her lover after his sudden death. The director of 'A Fantastic Woman' (the first Chilean movie to win an Academy Award) is Sebastián Lelio. In 2013 Lelio made tonight's film Gloria - an exuberant and bittersweet drama about a freespirited middle aged woman and her search for excitement and romance.

Paulina Garcia is Gloria - divorced and with her children grown up she is determined not to spend her remaining years alone. She meets Rodolfo at a singles disco and romance ensues but his daughters prove an obstacle to their relationship and Gloria finds herself frustrated by his inability to commit.
Garcia's powerful performance is the highlight of this critically acclaimed film - winning the best actress award at the Berlin Film Festival. She gives her character strength, intelligence and humour. Hers is a character and situation often ignored by mainstream cinema and Hollywood in particular but Lelio's direction gives us a film that is funny,  melancholy and ultimately uplifting.