Something Wild

Starring Melanie Griffith, Jeff Daniels and Ray Liotta
Written by E Max Frye
Directed by Jonathan Demme
Production year 1986
Running Time 113 Minutes

Charlie Driggs is a straight-laced banker who leads a dull and ordinary life until he happens to meet Lulu - a freewheeling wild child who takes him on a series of adventures and a perilous encounter with her past. This smart, sexy comedy was one of a number of films from the 1980s in which yuppies found themselves in trouble and out of their comfort zone. Other examples include Scorsese's After Hours and John Landis' Into The Night.
  Something Wild was directed by Jonathan Demme, a graduate of the Roger Corman expoitation school of filmmaking whose work includes perhaps the best concert film ever made - Stop Making Sense (featuring Talking Heads) and the delightful offbeat drama Melvin and Howard. Demme is probably best known as a director for Silence Of The Lambs  which won him an Academy Award.
  He is a quirky, unusual talent who works as often in documentary as he does in fiction and has a habit of blending comedy with edgy violence to surprise and unsettle his audience.
  Demme's choice of music for this film is inspired - including tracks by  Fine Young Cannibals, Big Audio Dynamite, Jimmy Cliff, New Order and David Byrne  as well as several versions of Wild Thing.
  Melanie Griffith and Jeff Daniels are perfectly cast as the misfit couple of Lulu and  Charlie but the film is stolen by Ray Liotta in his first big role. His chilling, charismatic performance as the ex from hell is genuinely disturbing.